Yearly Cancer Horoscope 2018 – great news

Ask ten cancer native to join you in your home to catch up on life, wait for the eclipse in Cancer to occur on June 21, and then invite them back to see how they fared. Half the cancer native will say the eclipse brought joyous news about their relationship, while the other five will say it brought the worst news ever. One set will say they got engaged, married, or started a professional partnership. The other group will say they broke up, aren’t on speaking terms with their partners, and feel that their relationship is over for good. Of those who broke up, some initiated the split, while for other cancer native, their partners started talks. Why would such different responses come from cancer native over the course of the same eclipse?

Eclipses bring truth out, exposing things that had been circulating under the surface. Some cancer natives had no idea their partner was ready to commit to lifelong love. Others had no idea their partner was so unhappy. The eclipse moment provides a point of departure toward greater honesty, a catalyst toward the inevitable. When an eclipse cuts across the 1st and 7th sectors, it highlights relationships, where this inevitability becomes clear.

When the first of two eclipses occurs this month (the second comes on July 5), all cancer native will see a change of status in their closest relationship. At the same time, they get closer to knowing and understanding their own needs. When an eclipse falls in your own sign (as it will on July 5, in cancer) as well as in your opposite sign (as it will this month on June 21, in Cancer) the delicate balance of a relationship is either restored or disturbed. In good relationships, when two people have grown apart to a certain degree, there seems to be an invisible self-correcting mechanism that brings the couple back together again, almost as if they were held together with a big rubber band. This subtle dance takes place all the time, over and over, without either person being aware of what is going on.

Problems in a relationship develop when that self-correcting mechanism begins to break down and lack elasticity. This sometimes happens when there is too much criticism and not enough support shown from one person to the other, or when one of the parties abandons his or her responsibilities. All cancer native this month will be adjusting to new situations within their closest romantic or professional relationships — that includes the happiest ones, and those about to marry. Whenever there are two people in a situation, there will always be two approaches and two perspectives.

If you are a happily attached cancer, this month’s challenge will be to find additional ways to mesh your energies and operate smoothly as a twosome with your mate — a joyful mission. If you are in a relationship where things have gone awry and you know it, or even if you have been oblivious to those problems and didn’t know it, you won’t be able to ignore reality any more. You will have a choice to make. If you are old enough, look back to June 21, 1982, when we last had an eclipse similar to this one, nineteen years ago. It may give you clues to this one. While events may be very different, you may see a unifying theme between the two.

Eclipses tend to clarify one’s character — for better, for worse. Let me reiterate, they can be quite exciting and positive. They all require some sort of adjustment, but if you have happy circumstances, that is much easier to do!

Venus’ move into Taurus will be a big help. Now firmly planted in your sector of true love, Venus is finally in a place to help you on a large scale. Taurus is a fellow earth sign, so that alone makes Venus in Taurus fantastically compatible. Better yet, Taurus happens to guard the cusp of your 5th sector of true love. With Venus in that sector, expressions between you and your sweetheart should be smoother than usual (if the relationship news in your life is romantic and not business-oriented). If you have children, Venus will keep their spirits high during the next four weeks. Keep in mind, however, that some cancer native will feel the eclipse in a business sense, while others will feel it in a personal, romantic sense; the highlighted sector is that of partnerships and contractual arrangements of all kinds.

Now let’s turn to your home and family situation. Mars is still retrograde, a holdover from May 11, and will continue to be until July 20. Mars rules your home life, so if you have projects you are trying to complete, or a purchase or sale of property you are trying to finalize, be patient. By July everything improves, so hang in there.

Matters of health are also forming a strong theme. Now, with Saturn in your 6th sector, you won’t be able to ignore your body’s needs for exercise, nutrition, and care (including dental care) much longer. With four planets stacked in this sector, you seem very motivated to turn over a new leaf, and investigate ways to incorporate more exercise and sports into your lifestyle. Last month I wrote about how positive the new moon on May 22 was for strengthening your body, and this trend not only continues, but intensifies. On June 13 and 14, Jupiter moves over the Sun, a gorgeous aspect that only happens once a year, in a different constellation every time. This year Jupiter helps you improve your health, so it would be an ideal day to do something for your body — go for medical advice, see a nutritionist or trainer, a coach, or a sports instructor.

Good news on the money front: Although you’ve faced some roller coaster situations lately, you can breathe a sigh of relief if you play your cards right. A rather important coup could be yours if you stay alert on June 15 or June 19. Both are marvelous days for monetary negotiations with just about everyone, from venture capitalists to your landlord, a client to boss, butcher to babysitter — you name the person! Look for bargains then, too!

The emphasis on the 6th sector this month — and it’s substantial — suggests that you may get some new equipment at your job or see new co-workers or assistants enter your workspace. If you are a manager, you may finally be able to hire new personnel. However, because Mercury will be retrograde from June 4 to 28, I would suggest you wait to hire anyone until on or after June 28, not before. In the meantime, you might want to hire people on a temporary basis. Mercury rules computers too, so it would NOT be wise to purchase (or even order) any new equipment until June 28 (again, not before). Be sure to back up your computer hard drive, as soon as you read this! It’s not as if you will never experience a crash, but now’s the time to be super wary!!

I should add that you should try not to accept a new job until June 28 or beyond, as Mercury retrograde periods are not good for beginning new enterprises. There is one exception, and that is if you are going back to work for someone you knew from your past. Mercury retrograde helps you get closure, so in that case it would be fine to finally join their company.

Since February, you have been in a phase of introspection, sifting through many emotions to get closer to your innermost feelings. You seem to have needed more privacy than usual while you went though this important process. By September, your most important month of 2001, you will be ready to unveil your biggest and boldest plans. This month, you might uncover information that has long been buried — either within you or a secret withheld from you by someone close &a;! mp;#151; on the full moon June 5, plus or minus four days. This is the full moon in your 12th sector, which would reveal all the workings within your subconscious and all things that go on behind-the-scenes. See what interesting dreams you have, and try to unravel their symbolism. Your subconscious may be trying to tell you something!


Big changes are afoot with a close relationship; expect news to arrive on or shortly after the eclipse on June 21. With Mercury retrograde and so many planets on the Western side of your chart, you will do best by emphasizing cooperation and appeasement rather than trying to shape events to your preconceived. Be careful, too, to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication, which could be rampant.

On another front, for months you seem to be putting the final touches on a plan you will unveil in September. At the full moon, June 5, be especially discrete, or your secret will come out in the open. Financially, news about money near June 15 and 19 thrills you. Keep tuned for ways you can increase your income.

Finally, few things in life are as precious as feeling healthy, vital, and vibrant. On June 13 decide to commit to a fitness goal. Jupiter will give you the motivational push of optimism to make it happen, and the Sun will give you the physical strength to carry your plan through to conclusion.